Well-being starts with understanding.

65% of people believe personal care products labeled "natural" should contain 95% - 100% natural ingredients.*

Most contain far less. That's why we're Setting The Natural Standard.

Photo CaptionAs the leader in natural personal care, we at Burt's Bees believe we have the responsibility to help you fully understand what "natural" products are — and what they aren't. For the good of your well-being. For the good of the environment. For The Greater Good.

What is Natural?

We define natural ingredients and natural processes by a strict set of guidelines that meet The Natural Standard. Get to know these guidelines and why truly natural products are so much better for you.

Why Natural?

We believe that truly natural products are the most effective and safest to maximize your well-being.

"Setting The Natural Standard"

We adhere to the highest standards in natural personal care products, which we encourage other companies to adopt.

Read Your Labels

Knowing what's really in the products you use makes a difference. With our tips and tools, you can become an expert at reading labels and making the best choices when it comes to picking personal care products.

* This statistic comes from a survey we recently conducted to help bring attention to the need for Setting The Natural Standard.

Giving Back to the World Around Us

Burts Bees Humanitarianism & Social ResponsibilityMaking the best natural products does not mean much to us if we're not also helping to make the world better too.

Lesen Sie Produktetiketten?

Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass Sie nicht nur auf das achten sollten, was in unseren Produkten enthalten ist, sondern auch auf das, was nicht darin enthalten ist. Wir geben Ihnen hier einige Tipps in Bezug auf die Punkte, die Sie prüfen sollten.

Sicherstellen Ihres Wohlbefindens

Burts Bees Health & Well-Being

Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass tatsächlich natürliche Produkte für Sie, für Ihre Familie und zur Gewährleistung Ihres Wohlbefindens einfach besser sind.